Empowering your message through Social Media is our mission!

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Over the years, I've learned many "best practices" about empowering the messaging of small business owners and inspiring our neighbors to get active in the missions of nonprofit organizations from a local to a national focus.

#SocialMedia is supposed to be "social" and not boring.
All too often, we have checked on the social media accounts of small businesses, and we've found that they haven't posted in a while or what they've posted is... well, rather boring.

Remember that your customers may check out your Facebook page to see how much you are engaging with others and to learn more about your products or services.

Here are a few tips that won't bury you in Social Media, and that will up your game in customer relations.

1. Post every day, and include a picture of your topic. Research has shown that photos are more engaging, and more likely to be shared.
2. Include an "ask" to "like" & "share" your post.
3. ALWAYS thank the individual who has followed through on your ask with a "like" or even better, a comment on their action.
4. Make sure to "invite" all individuals who have liked a post to "like" your page to stay connected.
5. Respond to messages sent to your page in a timely manner. Facebook will rate your page on how fast you respond, and customers can see that rating.

If you are paying a "pro" to manage your social media, these tips should be your basic expectation from their services.

Here are just a few more examples of what you might find on the Citizen Voice Project Facebook page:




Getting Your Emails Opened & Read:
We have found research that proves these top tips are effective in getting more emails opened and read!!
1. Humanize your communications
Emails sent from a person (e.g., “Karena Morrison”) engage far better than emails sent from a company (e.g. “Citizen Voice Project”) — unless, of course, you are a well-known and recognized brand. Make sure to address the individual in the salutation of the email body.

2. Stay away from average-length subject lines
A key driver of email open rates, subject lines perform best when either long or short. Subject lines that are 60 to 70 characters drive neither open rates nor click-through engagements. Research shows that subject lines over 70 characters increase click-to-open rates, while those under 50 characters increase open rates.

3. Keep your subject line on topic
Great subject lines can drive opens, but if they are not relevant to the content of the email, an engagement opportunity has been lost. Even worse, an off-topic subject line could move a recipient to mark your email as spam.